Waste Disposal & Recycling

Basic garbage service includes bi-weekly pick-up and landfill services for residents of Indian Head.

Residents of Indian Head also demonstrate their care for our environment with their ongoing participation in the Loraas Disposal Recycling initiative. Many residents also partake in personal green practices such as composting that benefit us all through reductions in the amount and cost of waste management.

For more information about Recycling and Waste Collection in the Town of Indian Head please see below or contact us with your questions.

Residential curbside garbage and recycling collection is done by Loraas Disposal. Household garbage will be picked up every two weeks on Mondays. Recycling will be picked up every four weeks on Mondays.

New Recycling Schedule for 2024

Beginning April 1, 2024, Loraas will be dividing the cart (both residential & commercial) recycling collection schedule. As illustrated on the attached map, all properties north of Woodward Avenue including all of Woodward Ave will be in Area A marked as Blue on the schedule and map.

All properties south of Woodward Ave will be in Area B marked in orange on the schedule and map.

Please note the collection schedule for recycling will move to Mondays starting April 1 and there will be 2 weeks between pick-up days from Area A to Area B. Please be aware of your schedule.

Garbage Cart collection will remain the same with the entire town being collected in one day. Commercial bins will not be affected as well.

On collection days, please remember to have your cart out by 7:00 a.m. After your garbage or recycling has been collected, remove your carts off the street and back to your property. Commercial customers who have a roll-out garbage cart also follow the residential curbside garbage schedule.

Setting out your cart

Place your garbage or recycling by the street you normally use (unless you have received other instructions) on your assigned collection day, by 7:00 am. After your garbage has been collected, remove carts off the street and back to your property. If you need more information about Sanitation and Recycling services contact us.

Acceptable Materials

Please note that some materials, like paint, chemicals and other hazardous materials should not be placed inside your garbage bin. Banned materials will not be collected. For more information and a list of banned materials please see the Loraas Disposal Waste Pamphlet. For accepted recycling materials please see the Loraas Curbside Recycling Pamphlet.

For a complete schedule of garbage and recycling pickups, please also refer to the 2024 Loraas Disposal Collection Calendar