Town Bylaws

The Town of Indian Head upholds numerous bylaws to protect your health, safety and peace. The bylaws outline the requirements for the development and management of the Town. The Commissionaires of South Saskatchewan have been hired to fulfill the Town of Indian Head’s bylaw enforcement needs since 2013. A list of some of the bylaws enforced by the Commissionaires can be found below. Further information about bylaws most commonly asked about can be found near the bottom of the page. For more information of Town Bylaws, please contact us. If you wish to report a bylaw violation please call our Comissionaire at (306) 519-0065 or the Regina Office at 1 (866) 757-0998.

The Town of Indian Head gives the Commissionaires of South Saskatchewan full authority to enforce the following bylaws within Town limits. Copies of the most common bylaws can be found below. To retrieve a copy of any other bylaw please contact us.

Bylaws Most Commonly Asked About

07-1989 – Noise Bylaw 

13-1992 – Noise Bylaw Amendment

03-2002 – Traffic Bylaw  &  Commercial Truck Route

04-2002 – Traffic Bylaw Amendment

07-2002 – Traffic Bylaw Amendment  

05-2000 – Indian Head Cat Control Bylaw (includes Bylaw 05-2005)

09-2005 – Abatement of Nuisances

05-2008 – Abatement of Nuisances Amendment

04-2012 – Business License

16-2016 - Fire Management

03-2019 - All Terrain Vehicles

03-2023 - Licensing and Regulating of Dogs

Other Bylaws Enforced

02-1974 – Snowmobile Operation

05-1980 – General Penalty Bylaw

06-1987 – Animal Control

07-1993 – Firearms & Fireworks Regulations Amendment

10-2015 – Zoning Bylaw and Zoning District Map

06-2004 – Traffic Bylaw

02-2004 – Prohibit smoking in Public Places

06-2019 - Waste & Recycling Managment