The Town of Indian Head

The Town of Indian Head upholds numerous bylaws to protect your health, safety and peace. The bylaws outline the requirements for the development and management of the Town. The Commissionaires of South Saskatchewan have been hired to fulfill the Town of Indian Head’s bylaw enforcement needs since 2013. A list of some of the bylaws enforced by the Commissionaires can be found below. Further information about bylaws most commonly asked about can be found near the bottom of the page. For more information of Town Bylaws, please contact us. If you wish to report a bylaw violation please call our Comissionaire at (306) 519-0065 or the Regina Office at 1 (866) 757-0998.


Bylaw Enforced By Commissionaires

 The Town of Indian Head gives the Commissionaires of South Saskatchewan full authority to enforce the following bylaws within Town limits. Copies of the most common bylaws can be found below. To retrieve a copy of any other bylaw please contact us.  

Bylaws Most Commonly Asked About

07-1989 – Noise Bylaw 

13-1992 – Noise Bylaw Amendment

03-2002 – Traffic Bylaw  &  Commercial Truck Route

04-2002 – Traffic Bylaw Amendment

07-2002 – Traffic Bylaw Amendment  

05-2000 – Indian Head Cat Control Bylaw (includes Bylaw 05-2005)

06-2005 – Prohibit the Running at Large of Dogs

20-2009 – Prohibit the Running at Large of Dogs Amendment 

22-2010 – Prohibit the Running at Large of Dogs Amendment

09-2005 – Abatement of Nuisances 

05-2008 – Abatement of Nuisances Amendment

04-2012 – Business License

16-2016 - Fire Management

03-2019 - All Terrain Vehicles

Other Bylaws Enforced

02-1974 – Snowmobile Operation

05-1980 – General Penalty Bylaw

06-1987 – Animal Control

06-2011 – Prohibit the Running of Animals Amendment (Nuisance: Section 11)

07-1993 – Firearms & Fireworks Regulations Amendment

10-2015 – Zoning Bylaw and Zoning District Map 

06-2004 – Traffic Bylaw

02-2004 – Prohibit smoking in Public Places

06-2019 - Waste & Recycling Managment


Animal Bylaw

Animals running at large are strictly prohibited in the Town of Indian Head. If a dog or cat is caught running at large, the animal is held for three days. If the owner claims the animal, the owner is charged $100.00 and a holding fee to the Veterinary Clinic. Dogs without a license are also subject to a license fee.

If the animal is not claimed, the animal is put down by the Veterinarian. The Bylaw states no one can own more than three dogs at any given time. 

Animal Licenses and Fees

Any dog over three months of age is required to have a license issued by the Town. The dog license fee is $20.00 per year, or $60.00 for a lifetime license. Please contact the Town Office for a license.

Dog Licence Fees


Building Permits

A building permit is required:

• when changing the structure of an existing building;

• building a new home or garage;

• when adding a deck (in certain circumstances);

• building a shed over 100 square feet; and,

Building permit applications are available below and from the Town Office. Building permit applications must be delivered to the Town Office, along with two sets of drawings of the building or structure. The drawings and application will be reviewed and approved by the Town Building Inspector and/or Town Council before the start of construction.

Construction cannot begin until approval is received.

Permit prices vary per project, depending on the scope of the project and the inspection fees. For more information please contact the Town Office or call (306) 695-3344.

Building Bylaw

 Zoning Bylaw

 Zoning Districts Map

 New Home Construction Development & Building Permit Application

Detached Garage/ Accessory Building Development & Building Permit Application

Deck Construction Development & Building Permit Application

Residential Renovation Development & Building Permit Application

Basement Renovation Development & Building Permit Application

Commercial Development & Building Permit Application

Permits to demolish or move buildings

Applications for permits to demolish or move a building can be found below or picked up at the Town Office. The permit must be submitted to the Town Office along with a the service fee. The permit application must be approved by Town Council before demolition or the building move begins. For more information please contact the Town Office or call (306) 695-3344.

Permit Application to Demolish or Move a Building


Noise Bylaw

The Town noise bylaw states that loud noise is prohibited  between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. and that excessive noise is prohibited at all times, with a few exceptions. Please see the bylaw for more details. This bylaw is enforced by local law enforcement.

Noise Bylaw 


Untidy and Unsightly Properties

Property owners are to keep their lots tidy at all times. If lots are not kept tidy, a letter will be sent to the property owner, who will be given a limited amount of time to clean up their property. If the property is not tidied within the allotted time, the Town will perform the clean up, and any costs incurred by this work will be billed and submitted to the property owner for payment.

Untidy, Unsightly Properties Bylaw 

Accepted Payment Methods for Licenses and Fees

The Town of Indian Head accepts cash, cheque or debit as methods of payment. Online payment options are also available. Currently, credit cards are not accepted. If you wish to pay in person please check our office hours.


Other Important Service Information

For problems with Streetlights or power outages use the online Report Outages and Streetlight Problems tool on

To apply for a Gas Permit visit for more information.

Special Event Permit and Block Party Permits please submit a written request specifying the event date, times, location and type of function to the Town Office. Town Council approves each application on a case-by-case basis.

Tree Removals and other related concerns are subject to the Urban Tree Policy

Contact the Town Office if you require more information.