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We are very excited to show you the designs for our new swimming pool! Over the past year, we have been working hard with MPE Engineering and Paradise Pools to finalize the design and insure all of our desired elements were incorporated. We talked to several of our frequent users about what features were important to them and we feel that we have included all of them to create a facility that is welcoming and accommodating. Please note that some of the finer details, like seating, will be finalized as the build progresses. We have put together a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions we have heard regarding the new swimming pool. You will find that list below. If you have any further questions, please call the office at 306-695-3344 and we will be happy to answer.

Our Swimming Pool Renovation Project is possible thanks to funding from the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP). This is a bilateral agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of Saskatchewan program that will contribute 73% of the total project cost up to $1,762,032. In the summer of 2021, the Town sent out a request for proposals and through that process, Paradise Pools and Leisurescapes was hired to complete the design and build.

Indian Head Swimming Pool Design & Plans


Why isn’t the new pool indoors?

Having a pool indoors would increase the cost of building significantly. Our new pool which includes a new basin, plumbing and mechanical will cost $1.76 million. An indoor pool of our size has been estimated as high as $10 million due to the additional building and ventilation requirements. Ongoing maintenance costs of a year-round facility are also substantial. In the three months of being open, our current swimming pool runs at an average $50,000 cost to the taxpayers of Indian Head. To have a bigger facility, increased maintenance and staffing required, we don’t feel this is a feasible option for a town of our size. Staffing is another issue with a year-round facility. While our swimming pool does have some of the best lifeguards and instructors around, they are also students who either move away for university or who are in high school and are involved in extra-curricular activities in the off-season. Staff availability would be a constant challenge.

Why isn’t there more seating? Sunshade?

These types of details can be worked out as the build proceeds. We have looked into several options to make sure the pool space is comfortable and accommodating to all.

Will the Pool House be renovated as well?

As the build proceeds, there may be additional funds available to make upgrades to the pool house as well. However, this was not part of the initial grant application. In the years to come following the opening of the new pool, there are planned upgrades that will be made to ensure the pool house is safe and accommodating to everyone.

Why is the waterslide a runoff and not into the pool?

There are three main benefits to having a run off tunnel for the waterslide instead of having it dump into the pool. For small children, this is a much safer option. They are able to stand up at the end of the tunnel, which makes the waterslide useable to a much wider age range. The other main benefit is for supervision. Where a dump slide would require a lifeguard at the top and bottom to supervise, a run off slide will only require one. Swimming pool regulations would also require us to rope off a large “fall zone” in the swimming pool when the waterslide is in use. The run off slide will allow us to use all features of our swimming pool to their capacity.

When will the new pool be open? Will there be swimming lessons in summer 2023?

If everything goes according to plan, demolition of the current pool will begin the week of August 15th, 2022. Paradise Pools hopes to have most of the work done this fall as long as the weather cooperates, which would only leave finishing work for the spring of 2023. We hope that this would allow us to operate a shorter season in July and August of next year. This is all subject to change depending on many factors. We will post updates on a regular basis on our website, social media, and newsletters communications.

If you have questions further to this, please contact us at 306-695-3344.