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Town Council has made a resolution to designate A+ Animal Rescue as the Town of Indian Head Animal Protection Agency pertaining to felines. A+ Animal Rescue will work with the Town of Indian Head to work within the limitations of the Animal Protection Act, 2018 and enforce all applicable codes of practice. The following is answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive when a cat is found:

What should I do if I have found a cat?

A+ Animal Rescue Indian Head can be contacted via phone (306) 660-0392 during regular business hours or through email or on Facebook at any time at

What should I do if I have a nuisance cat on my property?

A+ Animal Rescue can be contacted to obtain a trap via phone during regular business hours, after hours email or Facebook can be used to make arrangements. Traps will be avaliable from April-November weather permitting and will need to be signed out. If assistance is needed in trapping a cat a member of our team can help.

Then what happens?

A member of A+ will collect or take the cat into care. The cat will then be checked for identification and a picture will be posted on their Facebook page, if no owner can be identified within 5 days then the rescue will proceed with placing the cat up for adoption after they have been vetted which includes spaying or neutering.

What should I do if I have lost my cat?

Please send A+ Animal Rescue a picture, description of the cat and the last known location of the cat. They will aid in searching for the cat as well as advertise on their Facebook page. From April-November traps can be used to aid in finding cats if necessary.