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It is important that every resident is aware of the responsibilities of owning a dog in the Town of Indian Head. NEW Bylaw 10-2022 Licensing & Regulating Dogs can be accessed on our Town Bylaws page.

Regulations are put in place to ensure safety for everyone in our community. Animals can be unpredictable and no one should be afraid of a dog encounter while enjoying time outdoors. Respecting our shared spaces will bring peace of mind to your neighbours and keep money in your pocket!

  • Dogs will be considered at large while ON AND OFF the owner’s property. All dogs must be either:
    • Contained by a fence, dog run, tether or under direct supervision of someone capable of controlling the dog while on the owner’s property.
    • on a leash while under control by someone capable of controlling the dog when off the owner’s property.
  • Three dogs per household is permitted. You will be fined a minimum of $500 for having more than three dogs.
  • Barking dogs can be considered a nuisance during the day as well as during the Town’s “quiet hours” and can result in fines.
  • All dogs require a Town of Indian Head dog license. Annual and Lifetime options are available.

For more information, view the graphics below:

The “Need to Knows” of Owning a Dog

Common Fines Regarding Dogs Regulations