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Living Tree Environmental Limited (Living Tree) has been contracted by our community to complete Dutch elm disease (DED) surveillance during the summer of 2024. Living Tree personnel will be in our community on June 24, 2024, to identify all American trees with DED symptoms and detect all contraventions of the provincial DED regulations on all public and private lands. Collection of branch samples from American elm trees that are displaying DED symptoms will occur when possible/necessary and safe to do so.
DED is spread to American elm trees in Saskatchewan by both the native and smaller European elm bark beetles via beetle flights, improperly sanitized pruning tools and root grafting. Currently, elm firewood movement, which is strictly prohibited under the Saskatchewan Dutch elm disease Regulations (2005), is accelerating the rate of DED spread in the province.
Living Tree personnel will acquire permission from landowners and/or community officials before entering private property for both elm branch collection/tree analysis and violation verification. Your cooperation is essential for the completion of a thorough survey and effective management of this disease!
If you have any questions, please contact Jeffery Gooliaff of Living Tree Environmental Limited (306) 314-8193 or the Town Office at (306) 695-3344.