Q. What is the deadline for paying my taxes to the Town?
A. The deadline is December 31.

Q. How is the tax on my property calculated?
A. Town Council sets the mill rate during its annual budget deliberations. The municipal portion of the tax paid by each property owner is based on 70% of the assessed value of the property which is then multiplied by the mill rate to calculate the amount of tax to be paid.

Q. Can I get a discount if I pay my taxes before the deadline?
A. Yes. You will receive a 5% discount if you pay your taxes by August 31.

Q. Can I pay my taxes using an automatic payment plan?
A. There currently is no tax payment plan, if property owners wish they may provide post dated cheques to the Town. Contact the Town Office at 695-3344 for more information.

Q. When are the property tax bills mailed to property owners?
A. The month of June of each year.