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In an effort to increase the distribution of important information, the Town has added an emailing list to our communication plan.

By signing up for this list, subscribers will receive important information directly to their inbox. These notices will include disruptions to municipal utilities, emergency notifications, time sensitive information, municipal event information, changes to municipal operations, and any other important notices. Your email and personal information will not be shared with other organizations and you can unsubscribe at any time. Please sign up through the link below and see the frequently asked questions for more information. Facebook and Twitter will continue to be where we post information first. 

Email list signup link

Email List FAQs

What is done with my personal information?

Your personal information is stored in our MailChimp account and will not be shared or distributed with any other organization or business. Your information is removed from our account if you unsubscribe from the mailing list.

Will this include e-billing?

No, this is a notification system only, which is being phased in to our communication plan. This system will never ask for personal financial information or tell you to submit payments. Bills from the Town will be sent through the Canada Post mail system as usual.

How many emails will I receive?

This system will only broadcast important information relating to local emergencies, municipal service disruptions, important changes to municipal operations, municipal events, occasional newsletters and any other important or time-sensitive information. Please monitor our Facebook account for general information.

How do I change my personal information or email?

At the bottom of every email sent to you are links to manage your preferences. Follow the link to make updates that are automatically updated in our account.

I no longer want to receive these emails, how do I make them stop?

If you decide you no longer want to receive these emails, click the unsubscribe button in the footer of one of our emails. You will be sent a note to confirm you’ve unsubscribed successfully.

I tried signing up but the system told me too many attempts have been made with this information, or some other error message. Why can’t I sign up?

We’ve been made aware the signup process does not work perfectly on all devices and internet browsers. If you experience difficulty signing up please try signing up on another device or a different web browser (Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome ect.). If this doesn’t work try signing up using your Smartphone.

Why am I asked to enter my name?

Although this is not a mandatory field, adding your name allows our system to personalize messages that helps ensure the notices aren’t flagged by spam filters.

Why do I receive an automated response when I reply to these emails?

This email system has been created as an information stream. If you have questions or concerns that aren’t addressed on our website or through current information please contact the Town Office using the information in their Contact Us section of our website