The Town of Indian Head

 Election Day is Monday, November 9, 2020. The polling station will be held in Memorial Hall. Polls will be open from 9:00am-8:00pm.


Advance polls will be held on Wednesday, November 4, 2020 in Memorial Hall from 3:00pm-7:00pm.

 Notice of Abandonment of Poll for the Office of Mayor

Steven Cole is hereby elected to the Mayor position for the Town of Indian Head by acclamation.

Notice of Vote

Notice of Advance Poll


Councillor Candidates

The following 10 candidates have put their name forward to be on the ballot for Councillor: 

Lisa Craigie

Lisa was born and raised in Indian Head.  Remaining to call Indian Head home, Lisa and Bob raised their children JR and Amanda in this great community.  With the recent addition of granddaughter Rylee, she is proud that six generations of her family have made Indian Head their home. Lisa has been actively involved in numerous committees and organizations throughout the years.  She is currently the Secretary/Treasurer of the Indian Head Cemetery Committee and a member of the Indian Head Curling Club.  Alongside Bob, JR and MacKenzie, Lisa is involved in the family farm in the RM of Indian Head, of which a portion is a century family farm.  Lisa is employed as part of the team at Indian Head Chrysler as the Comptroller.

Personal Statement:  I am passionate about Indian Head, the place I have always called home.  As your ambassador on town council in the past and going into the future, I believe it is our responsibility to move the town forward in growth, sustainability and strong transparent fiscal management.  I have been proud to serve the residents of Indian Head in the past and look forward to the future with your support.

Tim Farrer

Tim Farrer is running to be a member of town council for Indian Head. Tim was raised on a farm near Qu’Appelle and has called Indian Head home since September 2013. Tim, along with his wife Chelsea, are raising 4 children, Madison, Leif, Lydia and Adeline. Tim is a member of the Indian Head Lions Club, coaches baseball, golfs whenever he can find time, helps out friends and family and now would like to improve and continue with the decisions that are made by town council for our wonderful community.

Personal Statement: Growing up in the area I've always enjoyed visiting Indian Head and have seen such growth within this town. Since moving to town I have realized just how much this great community has to offer! Given the opportunity I would like to work with and for the people of Indian Head to maintain and enhance the great many amenities it offers. 

Ben Friesen

Ben has been a life-long resident of Indian Head and one of the town’s most positive promoters. Ben owns Clip N Curl Beauty Salon which has been in operation for 74 years and was started by his parents Harry and Pinky in 1946. Ben and his wife Terrea raised their children Sara and Troy in town. Sara, her husband Eric and family have made Indian Head their home due to the beauty, safety and great community spirit. One of Ben’s top priorities is to continue to develop Indian Head’s business sector. Infrastructure has also been a priority through the expansion of the water works (lagoon and lift station) as well as the addition of the acceleration lanes for improved safety for motorists.

Personal Statement: I am proud to call Indian Head my home; a wonderful place to live, work and play. Given the opportunity by the residents of Indian Head, I will continue to work diligently for the best interests of our town. Thank you for your past and present support! Let’s move Indian Head forward together!

Alan Hubbs

Al was born and raised in Indian Head and has spent the majority of his life here. He previously served 12 years on Council, 6 of them as Mayor during the street improvement project and the new residential development. He has experience in business management having farmed for 20 years and worked in management positions in the farm supply, automotive and manufacturing sectors. His volunteer history is in coaching basketball, baseball and hockey and sports administration in hockey including Indian Head Minor Hockey and 20 years on the Saskatchewan Hockey Association Board of Directors, including 10 years as President along with 6 years on the Board of Directors of Hockey Canada.

Personal Statement: My vision of the community is to have it continue as a top choice for families to live and raise their children in a safe and productive environment and to continue to provide the amenities that will attract those families to move here.

Gwen Johner

Gwen Johner has lived in Indian Head for the past 42 years.  She came to this community as a teacher, and retired after 34 years from Indian Head Elementary School. She and her husband, Andrew, (a volunteer fireman) raised their daughter Victoria here. Over the years she has been very involved as a volunteer in many and varied capacities. She has served on boards and organizations, her church and various town committees. Currently, she has completed her second term as Councillor, she also sits on Indian Head CDC. She has been involved with Communities in Bloom since 2006, as a committee member, Provincial Judge and National Board member. She also chairs ITAC (It Takes a Community), an intersectoral group in our town.

Personal statement: I have learned so much in the last eight years and been proud of the work we have accomplished. Indian Head is a community rich in history and future possibilities.  I am extremely proud of our community. I believe our best resource is our residents. I would be honoured to represent you as Councillor. Maintaining services and the wonderful quality of life we enjoy here is important. I will do my best to keep moving our community forward: keeping tourism, business and environment as a focus. Thank you for your friendship and support!

Tim Keslering

Tim came to Indian Head in 1964 when his father returned to run the family farm and his mother went to work at the Indian Head Royal Bank. Tim began his working life at the Indian Head Bigway, then, the Clover Farm and, later, the IGA. He has travelled through western Canada and worked along the way as a labourer about Indian Head, Regina, Fort McMurray and Summerland, B.C., as a prep cook in Banff and Fort San, as a technician for the Department of Highways and at the University of Saskatchewan and as a pulp-mill engineer in Prince George, B.C. Tim has worked as an engineer at Indian Head since 1995 and currently operates Twin Peaks Solar. I participate in the community at the Indian Head museum, tourist booth, Bell barn and Legion. He would bring engineering and administrative knowledge to the position of councillor. Tim is and has been  a professional engineer since 1985.

Personal Statement: My vision of this wonderful town will be to continue working with town members and developing those environmental and economic aspects that move our community toward a Canadian aspiration of prosperity and progress.

Melissa Moses

Melissa came to Indian Head in 2006 as a Nursing student and fell in love with the people and beauty of this town. In 2008, she moved to Indian Head with her husband Byron, and their eldest child, Gillian. Since then, her family has grown by two more children Brynn and Calvin. She is currently the district representative for Saskatchewan Union of Nurses, and has also served as the local union president. She has been involved in Girl Guides as a member of the executive, and the local skating club as both a member of the executive and the president. Her time is also spent volunteering for the many activities that her three children are involved in. Melissa is proud to call Indian Head her home.

Personal Statement:I moved to Indian Head because I love living and raising my children in a small town. I want to advocate for an active, healthy, and a safe community for all citizens.

Armand Palmer

Armand Palmer has lived in Indian Head his entire life.  He and his wife Charity are raising their 3 children and have always spoken highly of our town.  Armand has also been a part of the Volunteer Fire Department since 2004 and a member of the Indian Head Elks since 2018. He has spent the last four years serving as councillor for the town and hopes he has made a positive impact over his term. Indian Head has shown great growth over the past number of years and he wants to help the town continue on this path without losing its friendly, small-town appeal.

Personal Statement: I’ve had the pleasure of watching this town grow over the last 41 years and would like to see it continue.  The people in this community have always been very friendly.  I enjoy being able to raise my children in the safety of this town and have always spoken highly of the place we live in.

Charity Palmer

I was born and raised in Indian Head and have always been proud to call Indian Head my home. My husband and I have 3 children and are glad to be able to raise them in Indian Head where we feel that they're safe. I was on the Skatepark committee and truly enjoyed being part of creating a space for the children in Indian Head to enjoy for years to come.  During my 6 years working in a municipality I have learned a great deal in most aspects of a Town's operations. 

Personal Statement: I believe that Indian Head is a very beautiful, friendly, and safe place to live, whenever I've had the chance I have always spoken highly about where I live. I hope to be able to be a part of continuing to keep our town a beautiful, safe and an affordable place to live. I would be honored, if given the chance, to prove that I will be a great addition to our council. 

Chris Simpson

Chris has always had roots in Indian Head; his grandparents were established farmers in the area until Chris’s parents relocated and took over the family farm when he was 10 years old.  Chris, along with his wife Crystal, are proud to call Indian Head home and have chose to raise their three sons, Tyson, Jesse and Kasey, here as well.  Chris has been involved with the Cubs/Beavers/Scouts parent committee in the past and for 16 years he was active with the Indian Head Eagles Soccer Club as both a coach and coordinator.

Personal Statement: The last four years I have been able to serve our wonderful community, and if given the opportunity, I want to ensure that our community continues to maintain the beauty, infrastructure and amenities that makes Indian Head a great place to live.

Important Information

Mail in Ballots

This year, voters will have the option of submitting a mail-in ballott. This is a good option for those who are over 65 years of age, those who have health issues, or those who cannot be at the polling station on elctions day. For more information on this process, please contact the Town Office (306) 695-3344. The deadline to register for mail-in ballot is Tuesday, November 3, 2020. 


Voter Requirements

In order to vote in the municipal election you must be: 

-     at least 18 years old on Election Day;

-     a Canadian citizen;

-     a resident of Saskatchewan for at least 6 consecutive months immediately preceding election day; and either;

        a) a resident of the municipality for at least 3 consecutive months immediately preceding the day of the election: or;

        b) an owner of assessable land for at least 3 consecutive months immediately preceding the day of the election.

To demonstrate this, you must provide photo identification that states your street address (ie. 421 Grand Avenue), such as the new Saskatchewan Drivers Licence. If you do not have photo identification, you can bring two other forms of identification and a utility bill that contains a street address. Please note that a box number is not acceptable  as it does not prove that you live in Indian Head.