The Town of Indian Head

Due to deep frost conditions caused by the weather, we would like to make residents aware that some of the Town’s water services and water mains may begin freezing. As the weather gets warmer, frost will temporarily deepen so please do what you can to ensure that your water services will not freeze.

To help avoid this happening in your home, residents can keep their cold taps running with a low flow until further notice. Run cold water from the lowest point in the house, usually a laundry room sink or tub. Keep the water flowing constantly at a rate of about one gallon every four minutes. Do not run your hot water.

It is a very hard situation to predict and hopefully no services will freeze, however, it is best to be proactive. If you have been affected by this situation in the past or you are a low-volume water user, we would encourage you to take steps now to prevent freezing. We are not sure how long this will be an issue, as it is dependent on weather, but we will continue to update residents.

Please share this info with your friends, especially with those who do not have Facebook and will not see this post. We appreciate your help!