The Town of Indian Head

Notice of Basal Spraying

As part of our Dutch Elm Disease management strategy, the Town of Indian Head will be contracting Green Drop Tree Care to basal spray targeted American Elm trees in your area. The bottom meter of the tree is sprayed using a hand held sprayer. There is no spray in the air and the product dries quickly. Tree Health Care technicians may require access to your property to basal spray any American Elm trees on your property and will leave written notice. Basal spraying operations will begin the week of October 8th, 2018. Spraying will be dependent on weather but will go ahead as long as day-time temperatures are not significantly below freezing. All Tree Heath care Technicians will be driving vehicles with Green Drop company logos and wearing hi-vis safety vest with photo ID.

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DED Prevention

The annual restriction on pruning all types of elm trees ended August 31st. Homeowners are encouraged to prune their elms, throughout the fall. Each year, pruning of elm trees is prohibited from April 1st to August 31st to reduce the risk of Dutch Elm Disease (DED). The Town manages the disease in town by hiring a surveillance team to identify American Elms infected with DED and removes infected trees on public and private property. The Town also hires a company to Basal spray the base of American and Siberian Elms to kill any wintering elm bark beetles who may be carrying the disease. The province maintains a 5-mile buffer zone around Indian Head where Elms are monitored for the disease and removed to decrease the risk of transmission.

Residents can help prevent spreading DED by not transporting or storing elm firewood. Please help us keep our trees healthy!