The Town of Indian Head


To celebrate Canada’s 150th, the Indian Head Community Development Committee is sponsoring the publication of accounts from the Indian Head History Book (1984), celebrating stories of its founding families.

Four Seasons of Indian Head
by Myra (Smith) Stilborn

Indian Head in springtime is a place
where flowers grow,
Where boys are flying kites, with faces all aglow, Where sunlight plays with showers
across the radiant skies,
And people meet you on the street,
with laughter in their eyes.
Indian Head in summer is a place
where fancies brood,
Where stately trees lift prayerful arms in suppliant attitude,
Where nature breeds such beauty,
such perfect loveliness,
That wondering silence speaks the praise which words cannot express.
Then autumn spills her magic with a grace
that's wild and free,
And Indian Head "The Beautiful",
is wrapped in mystery,
A carnival of brightness, a wealth of gold and flame, Amid the wheatfields whispering,
a cherished dream of fame.
Indian Head in winter is a fairyland in white, With snowy spires that gleam against a sky of azure bright:
As evening softly covers with darkness
everything beneath the stars,
This queenly town sleeps on and dreams of spring.