The Town of Indian Head

September 1, 2017 Water Reduction Measures Still in Place

Thank you to everyone for your efforts to conserve water! The water storage tank supply has been remaining at consistently safe levels with our collective reduction measures in place.

The residential odd/ even watering schedule (even numbered civic addresses water on even days and odd numbered civic addresses water on odd days) will continue to be in place until further notice.

Water for agricultural use is permitted to be purchased from our bulk water tower on odd days only. RM residents may haul water for household use on even and odd days.

June 15, 2017 Updated Water Reduction Measures

Your efforts to conserve water are very much appreciated! The water storage tank appears to be handling the new odd/even watering schedule.  The Town asks that residents continue with this odd/even watering practice until future notice. This means all even numbered civic addresses are permitted to water on even numbered days of the month and odd civic addresses on odd numbered days of the month.

With the water storage tank remaining at consistent safe levels, the Town will be incorporating a schedule at the bulk water tower for agricultural users. This schedule will allow RM residents to haul water for household purposes on all days of a month and for agricultural purposes on odd days of the month. This will continue until further notice.

We are still reminding residents to be mindful with their water usage and watering regimes so we can avoid future shortages during the summer months ahead.  


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June 8, 2017 Updated Water Reduction Measures

Huge thank you to everyone for your efforts to conserve water! It’s evident based off the level in our treated water tank that everyone’s combined efforts have improved our situation! Although we no longer anticipate an impact to emergency services, we will not be completely lifting the reduction measures. We are asking residents to continue their conservation practices by adopting an even/odd watering system. This means homes with even numbered civic addresses can water on even days (June 2nd, 4th....) and homes with odd numbered civic addresses can water on odd days (June 1st, 3rd...). We are still asking residents to be mindful of the amount of water they use as we monitor the tank levels with this new watering schedule. 

Until further notice farm water is still restricted to household use only.

Please follow best practices if you choose to water your lawn and please refrain from watering during the heat of the day.

We thank everyone for their efforts to conserve water! Keep up the great work! 

June 5, 2017 Water Restrictions in place

Due to high water usage, the well and water treatment plant have been unable to meet the demand. We are asking for your immediate cooperation in reducing the amount of water bring used inside and outside your homes and business until further notice.

Spray Park operations have been suspended until these reduction measures have been lifted.

The Water Tower is only available for household use and operational from 8:00am - 5:00pm until further notice. 

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