A.J.M. Davies Arena

The A.J.M. Davies Arena is located at 810 Woodward Avenue, at the corner of Howard Street and Woodward.

At 190 feet by 85 feet, the ice surface at A.J.M. Davies Arena is one of the largest in Saskatchewan. The total seating capacity is 650, including an upstairs indoor area that seats up to 150 people. Behind the glass at the north end there is roughly enough room for 60 people to stand and watch games.

Dressing Rooms
The Arena has six dressing rooms with access to showering facilities, allowing it to host larger hockey tournaments. The home dressing room measures 36' x 12.5'. The visitor dressing room measures 29' x 12.5'. The four remaining dressing rooms measure 17.5' x 10'.

Concession Booth
The fully functional concession booth in the Arena is open for all games and tournaments.


Arena Bookings
To make dryland bookings, from April 1st to September 30, and ice rentals, from October 1 to April 1, contact the Facility Operations Manager at ihfacilities@sasktel.net or call (306) 695-3383.